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Allen Edmonds re-crafting - HUGE PROBLEM

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I have used AE recrafting a number of times, with no issue. However, I just recieved 2 pair of shoes back from them that they ruined. Here is the back story:

I own 2 pair of RL shell cordovan shoes. One pair is the heavily broughed wingtips, the other are derby plain toes. I love these shoes. I have owned each pair less than a year. I have a nice relationship with AE and try to send business their way as often as possible. I was finding that I wanted a pair of mini vibram lug soles on both of the RL shoes. If you are familiar with this kind of sole, its not an entire sole. They cut a piece out of the current sole, and sew in the front part, and then add the heel part on top of the current heel (or pull off one layer). I have sent approx. 5 pairs of shoes to AE for this exact procedure. 2 pairs non AE shoes, 3 pairs AE shoes. I included a note, that EXPLICITLY said "I ONLY want these soles added if you do not have to remove current sole. If you cannot save the current sole, please pack the shoes up and send back to me" Sometimes the sole is too worn down to cut a piece off and put the vibram attachment. If this was the case, I didnt want the shoes touched. I liked the profile of the soles, the fudge welt, etc. I made it perfectly clear this is what I was requesting. 3 weeks later I get the shoes back, with NEW soles, and the vibram soles added. Annoyed, I decide to just suck it up and deal with it. The AE soles arent as nice as the originals, but hey, everyone can screw up I tell myself. I put on the right wingtip and I can barely get my foot into it. Once I wedge my foot into it, I get so angry I can barely contain myself. Its like they are a different shoe. They feel at least a size smaller length wise, and a size narrower. What the hell did they do to my shoes???

All I wanted was a quick add on sole, instead, I got 2 pairs of mangled $600.00 shoes. I was charged a total of $202.00 for this work. These shoes are literally unwearable by me. They dont fit anymore. If it was just a sole problem I would accept it, but these shoes are totally worthless to me now. Its 8 am in NYC, and they are getting a call at 9 am sharp. I am going to ask for the cost of the shoes as compensation. Each pair was $595.00 plus tax. Thats over $1200.00. Yes, they were not brand new when they were sent in, but they were each less than 9 months old. Additionally, I was charged $200.00 for the repairs. I think $1200.00 is fair.

What do you think my chances are for shoe justice here?
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