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Allen-Edmonds Grayson with suit

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Would you wear this with a suit?
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I wear my burgundy ones with a suit at least once a week. In fact, I can't recall ever wearing them when I wasn't wearing a suit.
Sounds like the legal communities of Chicago and Milwaukee...they also do quite well with the blazer/flannels rig.

My ancient Alden/JAB welted burgundy calf tassel loafers fill in the same duties.

I'd wear Graysons or their moral equivalent with any suit except distinctly Savile Row London or Italian style (but then then would I wear that type of suit???).:icon_smile_big:

+1. Agreed. I regularly wear my calfskin Alden tassel mocs with a suit, but also believe they are appropriate for casual wear (though I wouldn't wear them with jeans). Tassel mocs are extremely versatile.

1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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