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About 18 months ago, I bought a pair of oxblood AE MacNeils, as they had a great sale on.
Had them shipped to my sister in law in Boston, and picked them up from her last summer when we were in the US. (I'm in UK).

Owning a few other pairs of MacNeils and it being summer at a lake, I didn't do more than a quick try on to make sure they fitted. Came back to Europe and discovered that these shoes squeak, big time. Even when not wearing them and you press on the side of the shoe and hear the leather squeak. No chance of returning them from Europe, not economically anyway.

So, I've worn them a few times and hoped that this would go away over time, but no.
Wore them again today and it's just the same.

Coincidentally, today I noticed that AE have oxblood MacNeils on clearance and I could get a pair for $237 !
Question is, were my squeaky shoes an aberration that should heave gone to seconds, or has AE quality taken a dip ?Should I chance buying another pair and selling the squeaky ones ?
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