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dport86 said:
Depressingly, this is the only AE store WEst of Omaha, and it is soon to be history. The store clerk told me AE does not intend to sell out the merchandise but is sending a truck to haul off the unsold merchandise--so no last minute deep discounts to take the bitter sting out of the closing.

They raised the price on the MacNeil seconds I was interested in as well. Sad days...
They have to maintain the "exclusivity" of Allen Edmonds, don't they? I sometimes wonder if these companies are deliberately trying to reduce the number of shoes they sell. I just learned the other day that the reason Rego Clothiers no longer stocks JM Weston shoes in Toronto is not because of the extremely high price, but rather because it takes anywhere from 6 months to a year to get shipment of regular stock shoes. Forget special order.

Anyway, I sympathize with your loss of your local store.
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