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America's Future: That's what's really at stake here.

Most of you who know me are aware that I'm an older guy. Seventy a few months ago ... so I speak from having seen a crisis or three. Some of us, especially those my age, won't make it through this one. But for those who do, what's on the other side?

Not taking action now to ensure we have some semblance of a future economy will be truly catastrophic. Imagine a world devoid of small businesses; impersonal corporate monoliths your sole choice. Is this the legacy we wish to leave our children?

Before I mention the few things our small Mom & Pop business is doing, I am asking you to do your part: Spend some money. Sure, you can spend it with us and we would be sincerely appreciative. But that's not the point. Spend. Now. Somewhere. Anywhere. Keep our economy as healthy as possible in the face of adversity. That is the one thing we all can do.

Here's our small part:

Prices: We are immediately reducing our prices for clients and forum members by 20% to incentivize spending. See the information on the Deals Forum.
Spending: We are today sending socks, underwear, cloth, and lambskin purchase orders to our French, Italian and Swiss artisans for them to produce as soon as they are able.
Employee Health: When we closed our large Connecticut factory we gifted each employee an industrial sewing machine. To keep them off mass-transit, we are sending the work to be sewn at home.
Your Safety: Viruses live 3x longer on plastic and metal as on paper or corrugated. Beginning immediately we are switching from plastic shipping tape to kraft paper tape. Ugly ... but safe. Though our interior plastic bags are all pre-virus, they spent the weekend in a 250 degree oven.


The Flag: We created the sock flag for a July 4th special. Thought it appropriate to share now.

Our Discount Code: See the information on the Deals Forum.

My First Crisis: My elementary school days. The Big Bad USSR was the culprit of the 1950's. We had weekly Civil Defense drills. Sirens sounded. We were rushed to the hallways. "Line up two deep. Head down. Kneel facing the walls." I always tried to line up behind Joan Lerman, my first crush, for if we were going to have to kiss our collective a**es goodbye ...

Spend. Now. Somewhere. Anywhere. Be Careful. Stay safe.

Alexander Kabbaz

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Alex, since first joining AAAC I have always held you in very high regard and this present post gives me several more reasons for doing so. In terms of age and certain elementary school experiences we have much in common. You are smart, for sure, but there are a lot of smart people out there. However, you are blessed with a double dose of common sense and that is seen a lot less frequently than just people who are smart. Thank you, Alex, for your great advice that will serve all of us and this beloved Nation of ours so very well! It is good hearing from an old friend.

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Thank you, Eagle, for your kind and generous thoughts.

It's nice to visit with old friends during these difficult times.

I hope you are both well and enjoying the warmer weather.
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Turning 80 this year and haven't stopped shopping. We share many of the same experiences and I never panicked and will not now. It's the very panic driven by the media that cause people to run out and wipe the shelves clean that creates shortages. I will continue to spend my money supporting businesses that have a product I want or need. With the exception of most foods I do most of my shopping on the net.
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