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alden shoe size confusion - please help

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I ordered a pair of alden #8 990s (barrie last) last week in US size 9. My left foot measures 26 cm toe-to-heel (right foot is slightly smaller, makes sense since I am right handed) and I am currently wearing a size US size 10 reebok sneaker. I have always typically varied between a 9.5 and 10 in most branded sneakers and mall shoes, with regular D width.

When I called in alden to confirm my shoe size, the guy I spoke to expressed surprize that I wear a size 10. According to him, I am a size 8.5 ... I have always worn 9.5 and 10 so I just told him that, and we finally agreed to try a size 9 since the barrie last runs larger. The shoes are arriving this friday, and I thought I had the sizing right.

I have been looking at shoe sizing across brands for the last two days and I am so very confused. Each brand ofcourse has its own sizing and I am now afraid that I ordered the wrong size for the alden 990. This site just confirmed my suspiscions:

AAAC alden owners, can someone please quell my fears? I am hitting my head for not asking here before I ordered, it was stupid of me not to have asked.
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Okay, I retract my statements on the "first trad jacket" thread about going to the thrift store and hounding eBay for a blue blazer. If you're plunking down the cash for a new pair of shell Aldens, call up J. Press, Brooks, or O'Connell's and order a new blue blazer. If you can't spare the extra cash for the jacket, return the shoes, buy something cheaper (but plenty useful) and buy a nice blazer. You'll wear it for a lifetime.
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