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I purchased the calf skin wing tip blucher on an aberdeen last. Since this is my favorite style in this color, switching to another last/shoe isn't an option. BTW, I saw the thread about Amazon's deal on the AE cordovan shoes. Those are some beauties! I'm also thinking about springing for those shoes since they're a steal. How does that shoe compare to this Alden in the toe box? Thanks.

Is this the shoe you are mentioning?

I had to go up in size (not in width) to acommodate the toes - you may be able to go a width narrower when you go up in size, but definitely try 13B first. Alden does have 12.5, this may be a rare size, but Shoemart does stock it on Aberdeen last.

AE last the longwings are on (7) is roomy in toe area compared to Alden's Aberdeen (as pretty much anything is, Aberdeen is very tight it the toe).

Keep in mind that the shoes are quite different - AE longwing shoe is not as sleek as the Alden model you have, has thick double sole, and wings are all the way to the heel (Aldens go to the sole).
Shell cordovan just makes these shoes a "gunboat" model.

That said it's a grate deal, and a great shoe, I just wanted to point the differences.
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