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Alden 684--worn one time? Ebay Warning.

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I wanted to alert forum members to what seems to be some misrepresentation in an ebay auction for a pair of Alden 684's.

this seller is listing a pair of Alden 684's as worn one time:

however, there are deep creases, black scuffs and fading on the side of the shoe--as well as a lack of the deep aubergine/eggplant tone you'd associate with Alden new #8 shoes. Also, the bottoms are painted black with no visible Alden logos.

The auction stands now over $200, and if any forum members are bidding wanted to raise these concerns (I have no interest in this auction personally: I am not bidding on this auction and don't know the seller).

Perhaps a more knowledgeable poster than I can answer what is going on with these shoes. Perhaps they were factory refurbished and worn once.
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I have seen some Aldens with black soles, however I have found from experience that terms like "worn once" or "NWOT" translate into eBay linguistics as "found well used, worn once by the seller" and "full of moth holes," so caveat emptor.
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