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Can't a man take pride in his appearance without coming accross as a soft pansy?!? I mean, she has a point with the pink, which I despise on men[:p], but the implication is a well dressed man is somehow emasculated! O the humanity.
From "The Situatoin with Tucker Carlson"

In “The Orlando Sentinel,†Kathleen Parker wonders whether men are being emasculatedâ€"quoteâ€"“What‘s wrong with the French? One story headlined ‘French men yearn for pregnancy.‘ It seems to speak for itself, n‘est-ce pas? Another, which announced the birth of a newâ€"quoteâ€"

‘hybrid male,‘ describes a creature who wants to wear pink shirts and is no longer interested in playing superhero to a wife and kidsâ€â€"end quote.

Now, I‘m not against pink shirts. I wear them all the time. But isn‘t it true, everybody is sensitiveâ€"is sick of the new age sensitive guy, the metrosexual? I mean, no one likes him anymore. It‘s OK for men to admit they‘re pigs, because they are.

SEVERIN: Hear, hear.

MADDOW: I‘m no expert on masculinity. I‘m going to leave that you fellows here.

But I would say that the counter side of it, the other side of it, the idea that there is one way to be a normal, acceptable guy is kind of boring. And I will say that, even though everybody likes to beat up on the French, the French, when you compare them with the average pleated-pants, Frito-eating American guy, the French seem to be doing OK in the romance department. I‘m not sure we should write them off.

SEVERIN: I‘m not sure there are a number of prerequisites, but there sure are disqualifiers.

And speaking of the French, what‘s wrong with French men? I believe it‘s only a one-hour show, so I can‘t go into that. Secondly, French men want to be pregnant? How about utterly unsurprising and...


SEVERIN: But I‘m prepared to concede metrosexual. That‘s as far as I will go.


CARLSON: I have to say, pleated-pants Frito-eating guys, it‘s a devastating, if unfair, indictment.

AHH I am not french, and I refuse to be grouped in with a bunch of...i should stop there...

--Down with Business Casual, take part in "Wear a tie Wednesday"--
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