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In one of the postings regarding pleated trousers, I read the following from Badrabbit:
"in my age group they (braces) are thought to be affectations."

I would like to ask the gentlemen of this forum for their opinions on the appropriateness of wearing higher quality - and in some cases more conservative forms of bodily coverings (suits, fedoras, trench coats, braces). At what point does dressing in this manner not come off as being affectatious or pompous. Is it related to age? Is it related to profession? It is related to class?

I would be most interested in hearing other members opinions...

Also, at what age did you start dressing the way you do currently? Has it always been something you enjoyed or has it evolved? Was it a conscious decision to dress this way, or was it passed on to you by your father or grandfather?

Just curious...

I am new to this forum, so please forgive me if this has already been discussed.

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