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WOW! And thanks ...

Hey everyone

Just wanted to let you know that has cordovan MacNeils for $308 (free shipping).

I know this is not the right place to post, but I figured more people will see it here. Feel free to move it :icon_smile:.
... for the link! I just ordered a pair. Never would have thought to look on Amazon for AE shell cords.

Again, thanks for posting the information. I'm very grateful.

BTW, to the member with the question on fit ... I've got a very narrow foot (10B, sometimes an A) and this shoe/last fits great with just a tongue pad to tighten things up across the top of the foot.

Thanks again.

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^ Indeed the Wilbert feels almost like..."heaven on the foot!" I found mine to be so comfortable, I bought a back-up pair, just in case AE decides to quit making them, as they seem sometimes prone to do.

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I have this up in the Deals & Steals Forum:

Member bckpack just brought this to my attention:
Amazon has the AE MacNeil shell Cordvan wingtips for only $307.97! I happened to have them in my cart and the price dropped $150 or so overnight.

Make sure you go to Amazon though their banner on this site. Look at the Home Page (down low) or the Andy Selected Merchants for Menswear, Shoes, and Grooming
Linked in the upper left of this page, high on the page.
And hope everyone goes through the Amazon banners on this site, please!!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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