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Only recently, in the last 18 months or so, did I decide to add more casual shoes to my collection. A pair of green AE Gobi Chukkas caught my eye. After getting them, I really liked how they looked and felt wearing them. The 809 last, since discontinued, was generous in spacing, and the Dainite soles are the preferred sole for my shoes. I had to have more.

Unfortunately, after doing some research I found that the Gobi apparently was only listed in AE catalogs from 2014. And, curiously, green was not a listed color. Searching the boards here, I noticed that by 2015, Gobis were discontinued and being sold at reduced price on and third party websites.

2014 Discover America p 13.jpg

2014 Holiday Guide pages 10_11.jpg

Worse, when searching for more, I found that only used AE Gobis were available through various online marketplaces.

Undeterred, I found a few more pairs of gently worn Gobis to add to the collection. Based on the catalogs and the Gobis I have, there appear to be at least six versions that AE made:
  • 8999 - Tan Saddle
  • 8998 - Snuff Suede
  • 8997 - Green Suede
  • 8996 - Sand or Tan Suede
  • 8995 - Navy Suede
  • 8993 - Stone Suede
Green Gobi.jpg

Given the numbers ordering, I have to assume that there is an 8994, though I've no idea what color or material it might be.

Why am I posting? Besides professing my love for these Chukkas, I wanted to share what I found and see if there are other models out there waiting to be "discovered." I hope to hear from other fans of the shoe.

YouTube videos: Allen-Edmonds Gobi SKU:8448323 and Review Gobi Chukka Boot by Allen Edmonds.
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