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The 99 cents is a starting bid, Its starts there before a single bid, they could have set a higher starting bid but the chances of someone getting them for 99 cents is basically zero. As you see now they went for just over $75. When I see an item like that and I am interested in it I click the "watch this item" button but I dont bid until just before the end of the auction and I bid the maximum I am willing to pay, hopefully I can enter my bid about 8 seconds before the end which gives ebay just enough time to compare my max bid to the current high bid and move me one notch above that without going to my maximum. before anyone else can take another shot it ends. This doesn't always get me the item because the current high bidder can have a max bid thats above my maximum.

Sometimes someone will bid to get in the winning spot and then make a very high bid as their max and if you bid big at the end to guarantee you win you might find you paid WAY TOO MUCH so never bid over your personal limit and always check to see that the shipping isn't a rip-off and include the cost of it when you determine what the most is that you are willing to pay.

If you do a search through my posts for EBAY you will find a big long set of rules I use to score good deals on ebay without getting burned.
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