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Dear All:

I have been browsing this forum for a while and have been particularly impressed with the insights members offer to each other. I have a question about buying a "luxury" watch. The reason I am posting it here and not on the relevant watch fora is that advice I get there is likely to be biased. Since most of the people over here spend considerable resources on dressing well it is a safe asumption in my opinion that they will also know about quality watches. I am considering buying either a Panerai (Lumior Marina Automatic) or an IWC (Mark XV) and the question i have is regarding the quality of workmanship and manufature. Although I am biased towards the Panerai I have heard mixed reviews about the quality of their workmanship and manufacture and was wondering if this is going to be my first "expensive" / "luxury" watch does it make sense to buy a watch that has a "mixed" reputation? Or should I go with something safe and durable and a classic i.e. Mark XV?

Any thoughts will be very welcome.

Kind Regards.
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