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Advice for my Next Suit Purchase

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Hello all,

I'd like some advice on what my next suit purchase should be (and from where).

Some background: I'm a newly minted Chicago attorney (or will be when I get my bar exam results back). My firm is business casual, but I plan to wear suits at least four days a week (with a sportcoat or blazer on Fridays).

I recently received my first two "good" suits from BB--a navy suit and a charcoal herringbone suit through their MTM program. (Note: I have to use MTM or custom because I have an athletic body type--OTR almost never fits). Because of budget constraints I had to go with their low-end university fabrics for the suits. That said, I love the two BB MTM suits. I should add that BB did a good job with the fit, despite my somewhat difficult body type. Nevertheless, I'm still pretty new to all of this. As such, it is hard for me to know what is worth my money.

I'm looking to spend more on my next suit to get into some better fabrics (or perhaps a custom suit). BB has some pretty nice fabrics, zegna and others, for around 2k through their MTM program. Would I still be getting a good value for my money at that price point? Or, would I be better off going to a Chicago custom tailor, such as Paul Chang or Morris and Sons.

Also, what color would you all suggest? And, perhaps should I get pinstripes?

Thanks for the help!
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I agree that I would stay away from double breasted suits. I know you had mentioned that you require mtm because of your body type, but have you spoken to the tailors at BB in chicago about just altering the OTR suits to fit you? I also have a very athletic body type and the tailors at the BB store on LaSalle did a great job of altering several suits to fit me. I purchased two golden fleece, one 1818 and one fitzgerald. I must say that for the most part I was very impressed by how they were able to fit my body type.

Also, I was a little surprised you didn't mention any black shoes in the rotation. That is something you might want to look into in the future.
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