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Last month, I posted about my general wardrobe overhaul here. Since then, I've had a chance to tailor and wear most of the items I bought (and eventuall paid everything courtesy of an insurance payout :eek:).

Here are some initial observations:

My favourite suit isn't the most expensive one.

On your left is a 50% off J. Press (Presstige) grey pinstripe in 120's. It's lovely. One of the new models with next to zero padding. Set me back about $300. To your right is a beautiful blue Southwick with double vents and a wonderful, subtle pattern. New at just under a grand.

For some reason, I prefer the J. Press. I don't regret buying the Southwick one bit, but I didn't expect to prefer a suit that cost one third of its price. That's just the way the cookies crumbles.

My favourite sportcoats are the most expensive ones.

I found some great Brooks and Southwick coats for around $35, but in the end Brioni won by a mile. I never thought I'd look good in a white linen coat. It fits perfectly and elicits compliments wherever I go.
The other one has an incredible colour depth. The picture above doesn't do it justice. I wear both all the time

The Brionis were $400 and $100 respectively.

I wasted money on stuff I'll rarely wear.

Left is another J. Press - made by Cohen. Decent quality at $280 Again, not much padding. But the colour is a lighter blue than the picture shows. It's more of a London banker suit and a little too frivolous for serious meetings and events. I always wanted one of these but, well, at least I got a cheap one when I did.
On the right is a BB seersucker, mostly for parties. This one's used at about $65 including alterations. When I write parties, I mean fancy dress. I can't imagine wearing it elsewhere. Bottom line is that these are lovely suits, but I didn't put too much thought into when I'd wear them.

Best of all, can't beat ebay.

I got these AE loafers for $12 including shipping. Worn maybe a handful of times. Great shoes. Bargain of the century.

I'm glad to say that I never had to send anything back. Barring sleeve and waist alterations (as expected), everything fit my average frame. I've never been happier to be average!

I suppose my final observation would be what a great value the new J. Press line represents. I initially went to BB and bought one of their 1818 suits on sale for $600. Once I found J. Press, I returned the 1818 and bought two Presstige for the same price. The fit is better (especially shoulders) and the quality difference marginal. My only caveat is that I'm, ahem, not entirely sure I'm happy with the lapel stitching on the third one I got (ignore fluff by button hole):

Go on, I want to hear your similar stories!

(Much of what I bought isn't trad, so I didn't want to put it in the September acquisitions thread)
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