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Adventures in Romance (Languages)

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In elementary school, I began taking French classes (typical of southern Louisiana) and that translated to 9 years of learning the intricacies of French (much of which I've forgotten). I've always noticed similarities (in print) among French, Spanish and Italian. Similar conjugation, similar word and sentence structures, etc. Recently, I downloaded the Duolingo app and have taken on learning Italian. It's been on my list for a while, most notably after having seen Ford Vs. Ferrari. Anyone else delving into a new linguistic path?
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Italian has been on my list for some time, especially since I love the opera. But I am not sure if I will ever get around to it before I get to the great language school in the sky. I can manage Spanish and some French (mainly reading), as far as Romance languages are concerned. I tried to pick up Dutch when living for a short period of time in Holland (a half-year sabbatical), but the Dutch did not co-operate. They spoke in English every time I opened my mouth and tried out a brief sentence in Dutch. LOL, they also discouraged me from learning their language -- it will be of no use to you, it's only spoken in Holland and Suriname, they said!
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