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While in New England near Andover MA last week paid a first in store visit to the Andover Shop, although have ordered from their catalog for some years. When you walk in the door it's just what you'lld imagine of a traditional clothing store; somewhat musty, a little disorganized but interesting and well made things to find: many ribbon belts, in winter pants both bright red/lime green cords, a very good selection of tweed odd jackets with bolts of fabric to choose for jackets made to order, Chrysalis overcoats to spare, a very large selection of trad ties, a good selection of viyella shirts and shetland, cashmere, aran and wool sweaters. I had been looking for sometime for a school muffler and Virgil Marson the 80+ yr old proprietor said they could make one to order in a week; and before I left in about 4 hrs they placed the completed scarf in my hands. That type of service is simply not available these days; even taking into account that they knew I was from the northwest and leaving MA in a day or two.

I'll be making a visit whenever I'm next in the area.

In the coming month I'll be at O'Connell's in Buffalo so it'll be interesting to compare the two, although I know that they have substantial inventory.
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