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I got married this past fall, October 25 actually, and in preparation took my groomsmen to Keezer's to find tuxedos (for some odd reason their fathers had not seen fit to take them on this right of passage). As we sifted through the racks, like archeologists looking for Egyptian gold, I became very excited to find an old Brooks Brothers "346" sack dinner jacket. It's a 1 button, peak lapel affair, and I knew that after a trip to the tailors and cleaners, I would look great in it. However this would not be one of my stories without a shocking 24 style twist...

As I stood in the store, feeling and looking rather smug, one of my friends shouts out, "I beat you, I beat you!" How did he win? In his hands he held a Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece dinner jacket, in practically brand new condition. He slipped the coat on, and of course it was a perfect fit. I couldn't believe it. I've had good luck with Keezer's in the past, but I've never come across something like this. I think the jacket had been worn less than 10 times. It was, and is, fantastic. It fits as though it were made just for my friend.

I don't know how much the jacket would cost alone, but a new BB Golden Fleece tuxedo is $1,600.

Total cost to my friend for one of the finest pieces of clothing I've ever laid eyes on? $70.00

Keep searching my friends, there are still gems among us. Oh and please note that with some minor changes, I looked damn fine in my 346 jacket as well, and I'm pleased with the result of our trip.

Pictures to follow of course :icon_smile_wink:
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