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A new belt.

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So I'm thinking that I'd like to get myself a new casual belt soon. I'm ok for dress belts, and I have a great motif belt from Leatherman. That means I need myself a brown leather casual belt, to go with jeans, chinos and cords, as well as boots and moccasins. I've done a lot of looking around, but wothout much luck. My primary criterion are that it be:
-Able to fit my 28 inch waist
-Have a silver toned buckle
-Wide enough to look right with 501's (around 1 and a half inches)
-Be hard wearing and somewhat reasonably priced
Ideally I'd like a belt that is distictive but still fairly plain, at least enough so that it would not be to hard to wear with a sport coat.
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A few more relatively inexpensive options from LL Bean, US-made:

Swift River Jean Belt, Single Prong: $20

GREAT belt.
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