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Not to be a downer....

I was in my limo the other day ( NYC BUS) and this young man was severely incapacitated in a wheel chair, Clearly and sadly someone who would never get better, He had one side of his body is constant spasms his legs had to be restrained in his wheel chair, and an assistant clearly with him at all times.
When I was seeing this, it gave me a moment to reflect with some irony, how fortunate I am to have my capabilities, and when we are having fun on here being able to debate the merits of Carlo Franco vs,. well there is no one to compare to. OR which shoes to where for the royal rugby match, depending on if we are in a tent or the bleachers, Well you get the idea.

It just made me realize how fortunate and lucky many of us are in some of these extra day to day frivolities and luxuries we can enjoy.

God Bless.

Off to my 40th birthday party today.


Foodman NYC

"wear it because you like it, then ask the forum what they think"
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