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A modicum of decorum... what have we come to?

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OK, quick rant.

Tonight I took the girls out for dinner, it was a bit of a special occasion for us. Anyway, when taking them out to a nice dinner rather than subjecting them to yet another night of my cooking I always make it a point to dress nicely and make an 'event' out of it.

We weren't going to sample the culinary artwork that is Arby's mind you, we went to one of Dallas' best restaurants. A place where dinner for 3 will easily run $400-$500.

Now my gripe: There were two tables where shorts and Tommy Bahama hawaiian shirts and jeans were the attire.

It is a rare occurence when I am accused of being stuffy or uptight but what the heck were these guys thinking? Am I really getting that snitty in my old age or when you go out to a nice restaurant should you expect folks to dress neatly if not appropriately?

Sigh... OK, I am a snob I suppose but really - I would feel like I was completely disrespecting Jill and Angel (let alone the establishment and the other patrons) if I showed up at a 5-star restaurant dressed in my more typical shorts and a comfortable shirt(ie self-employed person uniform)

I'm going to write my senator about a constitutional amendment requiring gentlemen to wear jackets and long pants to a nice restaurant... who's with me? We could have a nattily attired protest rally and everything....


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