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In G. Bruce Boyers book, Eminently Suitable, he describes what he calls the Old Money Look, or OML. With all the discussion of Trad, Saville Row (sp?) and other styles, I thought this worth mentioning.

"It is that slightly casual way of wearing a rumpled flannel suit, a shirt thats a tad frayed at the cuffs, or Dad's old Harris tweed jacket altered to fit. Very expensive, but very old brogues are a touchstone."

"Sprezzatura encompases that purposefully disordered style, that cultivated recklessness, that seeming unconcern of the man who turns up his jacket collar, the collar of that English custom-made hacking jacket he wears with his ten year-old faded khakis and an old school tie for a belt. The man whose one sleeve button is left undone and whose flannels have just a few well-placed wrinkles."

"Mercedes station wagons and Lobb shoes are what we are talking about. The Old Money wardrobe is ancient tweed sports jackets (no ersatz leather patches, please!), an inherited-if possible-barathea tuxedo (wide grosgrain lapels and button-fly), the mottled Burberry, dateless gray flannel suit, Grandads old half-hunter, and ancient cap-toed oxfords. The hat that looks as though it had spent most of its life as an orphan in the rain is the epitome of panache."

This look seems to incorporate pieces of Trad, Saville Row, Milanese and others into a hybrid look. I myself dont dress totally to one style or another.
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