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A Curious Answer From Charles Tyrwhitt

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Some time ago I ordered a Charles Tyrwhitt tie, advertised at their web-site as "handmade in England from English silk" (). Being an anglophile I am, at least a part of my decision to purchase this tie was influenced by the fact that it is woven and made in England.

Yesterday I receive the tie. The label on it clearly reads... "MADE IN ITALY". I contacted Tyrwhitts for explanations, and received the following answer:

"I can confirm all our ties are made and woven in England, however, it is "finished" in Italy. To explain further, we used to make all our ties in England, but it became impossible to remain competitive and it is now impossible to find factories in England that are able to cope with our requirements.

The Italians are the best finishers of fabric in the world. In terms of designs, they are in line and focussed on the latest fashion, and they are cutting edge, both in quality and design."

Gents, make your own conclusions.

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