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A correction and some Chicago news

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Since I don't want to clutter up the forum with two new threads at once...

1) Today was rainy and cold, so I wore my favorite shoes, the brown Alden All-Weather Walkers. I've mentioned them several times in the last couple weeks, and also mentioned that a size 13 was enormous and I had to get a 12.

I stand corrected. For those who are considering ordering any Alden shoes on a Barrie last, I didn't go down a whole size. These are the only 12 1/2s I have ever seen.

2) While in Chicago last weekend I stopped in at the new Paul Stuart shop. It's beautiful. It's on two floors. Fitting rooms and the MTM desk are upstairs, and there are fitting rooms and what I assume is an office area in the back downstairs. Throw in an elevator and a staircase and you've got a rather small shop, really. Every item I looked at I coveted - the material, the workmanship, the price (ouch!)...

2a) Hanig Shoes has moved from their store right on Michigan Avenue into the John Hancock tower. That's the building Paul Stuart came from, but I don't know if they took Paul Stuart's space. Their old location is being renovated as part of the Ritz-Carlton Residences. Ritz-Carlton licenses the name to a developer, so they don't own the building. Which I suppose is a perfect match for the Ritz-Carlton Hotel down the street that's not owned by Ritz-Carlton either. :icon_smile:
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I've been to Hanig's new location, as I often park in the Hancock Building garage when I'm not in Chicago overnight. As usual, they have a wonderful selection of Alden basics.

I haven't been to the new Paul Stuart location but will have to stop by the next time I'm in Chicago.
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