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I have taken a shoe in a 12 length all my adult life, but from reading catalogs it looks like you chaps who need 13's have fewer options and that above 13 the choices are really limited.

In some less expensive shoes there seems to be a trend to offering narrow/medium/wide and sometimes only one width.

It is bad enough with shirts that do not have exact sleeve lengths. I thought that was a bad idea for the customer, but bought a 34/35 from BB when they were doing that with some shirts and found out for sure it was a bad idea.

I am sure I will never buy shoes that don't come in proper sizing.

I ordered a new pair of Aldens earlier today in burgundy calf - I forget the name of the shoe - the rep told me they also come in cordovan, but as I want them sometime this decade, I decided to stick with calf.

Cheers, Jim.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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