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55-second Style-Tip videos (experiment)

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Gents, for any of you who are comfortable in front of a camera, I'd like to do an experiment for our YouTube channel.

Would like to create a series of short style-tip videos and publish them on our channel.

Three important restrictions:
  • They must be 55-seconds or under
  • They must be shot in vertical format (portrait)
  • Vids need to be high resolution (not shared via text message)
For anyone with an iPhone or Android, the above should be easy to do. Vids can be selfie-videos (you holding the phone and taking a vid of yourself).



Q1. Are we permitted to mention brand names?
A1. Yes!

Q2. Can spouses/partners appear in the videos?
A2. The more the merrier :) Yes!

Q3. Is there a standard intro at the top that we should be using?
A3. Not specifically, but if you wanted to do some quick intro, you could do something like "this is {your member name or your real name} for/from Ask Andy About Clothes, and one of my favorite style hacks is...". Doesn't have to be that exactly, whatever feels natural :cool:

Q4. Do you have a sample of a video so I can see exactly what you are looking for?
A4. There is no exact requirement outside of what is outlined above. We haven't ourselves done this before, but you may be able to find some examples on Instagram stories, or TikTok. While we will not specifically using these short videos for TikTok, here is an example of some vertical-shot videos to give you a sense of how they could be done. The particular example is related to men's cosmetics, but it should give you an idea of the concept.

Q5. So basically you want us to provide any style tips that we've found helpful or that we think would be helpful to others?
A5. 100% -- one tip per video ideally so it provides value.

You can share them with me here:

If you have trouble sending them there, please let me know.

Any takers? Questions?
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