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A wonderful mid-century cashmere coat--one that was extraordinarily expensive when first bought!

c. 40, 42. Measurements:

Chest: 22 1/2
Sleeve: 24 1/8
Shoulder: 19
Length: 40

This coat was made between 1949 and 1962--and so it likely dates from the 1950s.
The cashmere of the 1950s was not the thin stuff that's so common today--thick, soft, and extremely warm it was a true luxury fabric. This is the cashmere from which this coat is cut--and it's a testament to its quality that despite cashmere with its high weight to warmth ratio this is still a very heavy and substantial coat!

Cut as a traditional overcoat this has a three button front and no darts. It features oversized flapped, patch pockets on the front--unlike most coats when the flaps simply sit above the pocket openings the flaps on this coat are in the same seam frame as the pockets themselves, making them appear more closely integrated into the coat and considerably more elegant. The pockets are lined in heavy cotton duck.

The coat is fully lined and fully canvassed. It has a single center vent. The cuffs are ornamental turn-back cuffs and are finished with a single button. The seams on the sleeves, shoulders, and center back are all lapped.

The coat was, of course, Union Made in the USA, likely sometime during the mid 1950s.

For a coat that's almost 70 years old this is in decent condition! But, it is almost 70 years old, and it has acquired some blemishes over the years--although nothing that would prevent you from wearing it, especially as they're mainly lining issues. First, the lining is frayed at the lower hem, and would need to be patched or replaced. (Patching would suffice.) There is some loose stitching at the vent, which has led it to appear "pulled" at the top from the outside; this is an easy fix. There is some minor fraying to the lining at the shoulders. There is a single run blemish or moth nibble on the back (which I could only see in bright sunlight!) and the coat could benefit from a dry-clean and press to freshen it up.

Overall, then, this is in Good condition--it is wearable as it is!--which could be easily elevated to Very Good/Excellent condition with some minor TLC! As such, it is very well priced at just $39, OR OFFER, boxed, shipped, and insured in the USA!

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