$45, Free USA Shipping (add $10 for the shoetrees)

The Allen Edmonds Lombard is a stylish wingtip derby with brogue detail.

No scratches, gouges, cracks, cuts, nicks, etc.

Very light creasing and slight heel rubs... a good polish and shine will make these look almost new!

Needs new heel caps, but the soles still have some life left; if desired, they can be recrafted by AE - even with an all leather sole.

The dress rubber sole resembles that of leather but is practical for all weather conditions.
Five-eyelet derby with brogue wingtips
Full leather linings
Executive rubber sole
Built on Executive Last-2

(Shoe Trees NOT INCLUDED - contact me before buying if you want the shoe trees included for $10.)

From the manufacturer:

"The shoes in the Executive Collection are constructed using 270° Goodyear welted construction with a heel-to-heel welt, which allows for a narrower heel and a sleeker silhouette. Shoes in the Executive Collection are constructed with a heated cork layer under the forepart for a custom, orthotic-like fit. There is no metal shank in the Executive Collection shoes which enhances their comfort and allows for easier travel through airport security. Finally, the shoes incorporate a slip-resistant rubber sole that resembles that of a leather sole for further functionality and versatility.

This style can be recrafted. Allen Edmonds 270° Welted shoes are so well-made that we can actually return them to their original glory with our exclusive Recrafting process. Using the original manufacturing process, we literally rebuild worn footwear from the bottom up.

When you send your shoes in for Recrafting, our experts will first free the uppers from worn soles. Stretched over the proper last, the original uppers become shoes again through our unique manufacturing process. After your shoes are re-welted, re-corked, soled and heeled, old finishes are carefully removed from the leather and new polishes and waxes applied. In about four weeks, shoes that look surprisingly new are returned to you."

$45, Free USA Shipping (add $10 for the shoetrees)

Send a PM with questions or interest.

(I have more close up pics of the slight rubbing on the heels...)

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