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  1. Timeless Style
    Hello dear AAAC members I've recently started looking for a vintage/second hand Burberry trench in London, although thus far without luck. Where would you suggest I try? Is the Old Hat worth a visit (because it's quite far out)? Thanks in advance
  2. Timeless Style
    Schneider of Salzberg trench? Familiar with this brand? Hi! I started looking for a trench coat to wear over suits and considering Burberry, Aquascutum, Barbour, etc. By chance I visited Boyd's Philadelphia (was walking past it, monument to high-end menswear) where I was shown Schneider...
  3. Timeless Style
    Does anyone have an opinion re the bespoke trench coat in Belseta fabric that Alan Flusser sells? I have an old Burberry trench, and Alan pitches the Belseta as something lighter in weight and more versatile than what I have, but still a pretty classic look.
  4. Timeless Style
    Hi, I'm from Malaysia where it is very rare to see trench coats being worn. I recently purchased one but have not gotten the chance to wear it yet. I'm flying to Australia soon for a short holiday and am planning to wear it then! I have two questions: 1. I'm just wondering whether it is...
  5. Timeless Style i purchased this on the basis that he alows returns -
  6. Trad Style
    Greetings gentlemen, I would like to present some photos of myself for critical review. I'm interested in anything you have to say, from fit and quality to my complexion and how well it all goes together with the given ensembles. I'll give you a head start: What do you think about the length...
  7. Timeless Style
    Recently decided on picking up a Beaufort in lieu of a trench, but I just came across a "new without tags" navy Burberry trench on Ebay. The buyer has only limited feedback but it is all positive. Additionally, there are only two pictures of the item and they do not show much detail...
  8. Timeless Style
    Hello everyone, I"m looking to purchase two new coats and I had a few questions before I made my investment. First, I am pretty certain that I want one of the coats to be a Burberry trench; however, as I have limited financial resources and can buy only two coats, I want to make sure that...
1-8 of 8 Results