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  1. Timeless Style
    Hello. First post from a long-time forum lurker here. I'm looking for opinions on choosing a sweater color to go with the below outfit: Shirt: White Oxford button down Tie: Burgundy grenadine grossa Trousers: Medium grey wool flannel Jacket: Blue (not dark blue) herringbone donegal Socks...
  2. Trad Style
    Hi dear fellow tradsters, First of all, I am not even sure if this is the right place to post this question, but I saw this piece of garment which I fell in love with, and have been unable to find anything even remotely similar to it. Maybe it's because english is not my first language and I...
  3. Timeless Style Don't know which web link. Saw this on tumblr and wondered if anyone knew who the maker is. Not intending to buy one. But it caught my attention. Of course, now is probably a good time to buy one as spring rolls in and winter sweaters go on sell.
  4. Timeless Style
    Gents: I was wondering if anyone had recent experience with lochcarron of scotland (in particular their cashmere sweaters)? I see a lot of posts people wearing lochcarron here but I could not find any new (or old) discussion on its quality. Any thoughts or experiences?
  5. Trad Style
    I have scoured this forum regarding this topic and have not reached a conclusion. Most would agree that a sweater should end below the belt and above the crotch line. However, that is a wide range to work with. I view the ideal sweater length to be about 2-3 inches below the belt (it...
  6. Trad Style
    I have a "Friendsgiving" tonight and plan to wear a brown candy stripe OCBD under a navy shaggy dog with tan cords. The weather is pretty nasty today (sleet/snow/cold/windy) so shoes are TBD (either LHS, blucher mocs or bean boots). I usually wear sweaters under sport coats in this type of...
  7. Timeless Style
    Recently, some beautiful, thick sweaters have come into my possession. I would like to find individual storage bags for these sweater made of a cloth material so the wool in the sweaters may breathe, and to protect the sweaters from dust, etc. Would anyone have a suggestion of where I might find...
  8. Trad Style
    I was wondering if anyone know's O'Connell's supplier for their "Irish Aran Fisherman's Sweater"?It say's made in Ireland and that's where I am. It's seem's ridiculous to pay the shipping, VAT and import duty when they're being made a few hours drive from where I am.Thanks in advance,Cillian.
  9. Timeless Style
    Hi friends, I hope everyone is well. My Father is traveling to London, UK this week. He will most likely stay in the Marble Arch area. He has traveled to London before, but it has been many years. He is looking to buy a couple of things, and I was hoping to get a few recommendations on...
  10. Timeless Style
    I've read a lot of fashion books and havent really found out what is to short for shirt and sweater length. I know not to go long enough that it covers your entire butt or crotch, but what would be to short/tight? Are the lengths of these ok, and is it ok to have hoodies/cardigans shorter than...
  11. Timeless Style
    I saw someone on TV wearing this 1/2 zip sweater and thought it looked great. Does anyone know what brand it is? Thanks in advance for your help!
  12. Timeless Style
    I saw someone on TV wearing this 1/2 zip sweater and thought it looked great. Does anyone know what brand it is or even the brand of shirt? Both look great. Thanks in advance for all the help!
  13. Timeless Style
    I'm looking to invest in some new sweaters, and sweater vests. What are the best companies or brands that you would recommend ? I don't know much about what would be a good high end or a poor low end sweater or vest. I was thinking of playing it safe and simply shopping at places that are well...
  14. Timeless Style
    i am curious about the origin of these sweaters as well as if there are any differences between the me, they are the same... could anyone enlighten me? thanks
  15. Timeless Style
    As the season begins to cool, I wanted to see what the forum opinions are on sweater fitting. How long should a sweater be? Tucked or untucked? Sleeve length? Shoulder/Sleeve seam - at sholder, off shoulder? Baggy? Form fitting? Does the type of sweater make a difference? Discuss!
  16. Timeless Style
    Have purchased basic zippered cashmere sweaters in Europe, but can't seem to find them locally (Toronto, Canada). Can you suggest a reliable on-line source for cashmere sweaters? Thanks
  17. Timeless Style
    I have a Brooks Brothers half-zip sweater made from shetland (pony, I presume :icon_smile_big:). Over time it has developed some slight pilling and has a bit of fuzz sticking out. I have never owned a sweater like this before and am not sure how to care for it. As always, any help is...
  18. Timeless Style
    I'm looking for a good Norwegian sweater in a half-zip and preferably in a size small (I wear a 34R or at most a 36R suit jacket). I'd also like to find this for under $100, if possible. I really like this one: ...but it's way over my budget and apparently not available in a small any...
1-18 of 20 Results