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  1. Timeless Style
    I am starting this thread because I want to purchase a pair of Oatmel Sperry Top-Siders and I have a 20% OFF coupon which expires tomorrow (Wednesday 2/6) at midnight. I was about to pull the trigger on the normal A/O's when I saw these "Lites" and the A/O for comparison Soles of Lites in...
  2. Timeless Style
    So my mum is currently travelling and bought me a pair of Tod's Gommino mocc. She took a picture of it, and it looks abnormally long despite it's in my actual shoe size. Does Tod's shoes have different measurement in their shoes? I used size 10 in Sperry boat shoes, should i bought size 10 as...
  3. Trad Style
    How hard is it? Tips/Tricks? I'd like to give my laces a nice dose of Obenauf's leather oil, but it looks like a serious pain to re-lace these things.
  4. Trad Style
    This thread may be a silly effort, and if it dies, so be it. In consideration of recent threads regarding break-in procedures, I feel as if this may be of some interest during the summer. Let's see everyone's top-siders. The more distressed the better. I'll be wearing these out and about...
1-4 of 4 Results