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  1. Timeless Style
    A bit new to the Ask Andy culture, (and for transparency reasons I posted this to StyleForum as well) but I am very interested in creating an online consignment business exclusively for pre-owned upscale menswear. I know that there have been several attempts to do so, and I know a few...
  2. Timeless Style
    Hello Gents, My wife is traveling to Germany this week for business and wanted to know what she can pick up clothing wise? She will be in Berlin, so if there are any shops, or makers to look for? Would a shirt, hat or jacket be the best bet? Thanks in advance
  3. Trad Style
    Gentlemen, I'll be in Washington, DC, for a couple of days early in December. What's your advice to a Trad with little loose change in his purse, who would nevertheless like to pick up a couple of BB OCBDs, maybe a pair of Redwings or AEs, and check out some vintage repp ties in a thrift store...
  4. Trad Style
    Let's start this with something....novel. I scored an LE tie in the oddest place today: the gutter! No, not some castoff that escaped someone's garbage bin, but a brand new LE tie in the original pristine package. I noticed the familiar blue folder while walking down the street, but thought it...
  5. Timeless Style
    Hi friends, I hope everyone is well. My Father is traveling to London, UK this week. He will most likely stay in the Marble Arch area. He has traveled to London before, but it has been many years. He is looking to buy a couple of things, and I was hoping to get a few recommendations on...
  6. Timeless Style
    I know Bergdorf Goodman sells ready to wear Charvet shirts, but from what I saw online, it seems like a very small selection. I'm not aware if they do made to order or bespoke, does anyone know what retailers carry Charvet shirts ? and if possible, do made to order or bespoke ?
  7. Timeless Style
    I'm going to be be doing a 10 day trip to the UK in a little over a month from now. I'll have 3 days in London, 2 days in Bath, and 5 days in Edinburgh - most of which will be taken up with sightseeing and other "holiday" activities. I would like to draw on the collective wisdom of the...
  8. The Interchange
    A fortress of solitude. Saturday afternoon and not a customer in site. Menswear shop, but no men to buy the garments. ...another one... ...and another. Lonely this Christmas?....very lonely in June.
  9. Timeless Style
    This summer, me and my family are going to spend about a week in Cornwall (Newquay, to be specific). I suppose someone in her would know where to go to find good clothing (I haven't planned what I want yet so for a start, anything goes) Oh, suggestions for laidies clothing will be appreciated too
  10. Timeless Style
    First, thanks to those people who answered my post while I was looking for shoes in the L.A. area before a funeral. I just spent one week in Oregon and then turned around and spent three days in Los Angeles and I thought I would share notes taken during the trip. Oregon - Unless you are in...
  11. Food, Drink, Travel & The Arts
    I just found a website that maps stores and museums and hotels and restaurants and more things in NYC. Also has a directory with keyword search. Anyway, it says you can add stores to it too, like a community site. Thought I'd pass it along. Checck it out:
  12. Timeless Style
    i'll be in london for a couple of days, and will be looking for a mop or black onyx cufflink and shirt stud set, and a bow tie. does anyone have recommendations for shops with a respectable selection of those items?
  13. Timeless Style
    I've seen several members from southern Wisconsin on the forum, Milwaukee, Madison etc. What are the good places in Wisconsin to shop at (without going to Chicago)? Nothing against Chicago, I'd just like to know where people like to go locally. Here are some that I know of: Suiters -...
  14. Timeless Style
    In thanks for all of the information that I've learned from AAAC members I thought I would share the map I used on a shopping trip to NYC back in February...
1-14 of 14 Results