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  1. Deals, Steals, & Sales!
    Brooks Brothers Pink OCBD Must iron 100% US Supima cotton Tagged 15x33 but sleeve is closer to 32 after shrinkage Extra Slim Fit barely worn so in excellent shape This is the style that BB no longer sells $45 shipped CONUS
  2. Trad Style
    This post has 2 goals: Throw it out to regular members here to discuss fun sweater VESTS, such as pink, yellow, mint green, Fair Isle. My view is that they can really brighten up a navy blazer or Harris tweed ensemble. Having no sleeves, they are more comfortable under tailored clothing. And...
  3. Timeless Style
    I posted this on SF too but does anyone know if the buttons for Thomas Pink's MTM "Personally Pink" shirts are plastic or MOP? If they're plastic can you request MOP for an extra charge?
1-3 of 3 Results