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  1. Timeless Style
    A friend showed me a shirt that they were deconstructing today for alteration. The pieces stayed together after the stitching was removed. There seemed to be a glue of some sort that gave with some pulling. It was a Nordstrom Non-Iron shirt, if that is relevant. What was this adhesive and why...
  2. Trad Style
    I just saw this on twitter: I have mixed feelings. What do you guys think? Best thing ever? The beginning of the end?
  3. Trad Style
    Gents, Because of the genorosity of some folks over the holidays, I was able to purchase two pair of Allen Edmonds on heavy discount from Nordstrom. The first pair is the Montgomery Split toe blucher, in brown. Nice shoe. Its the other pair I am having a problem with. Label on...
  4. Timeless Style
    Knowing that I couldn't get out to Nordstrom's before the end of their sale on Strands and Park Avenues, I ordered them online. Got the shoes yesterday and have them on today. When I first tried them on, they seem like a perfect fit. It's now about 4 hours since I put them on but it seems my...
  5. Timeless Style
    I have been following this forum for a few months now and have been scoping out stores in my area for good suit deals. I have learned a great deal from the forum already, but alas I need advice Today at Nordstrom I found a Corallorosso suit regularly $1400 on sale for $650. I understand that...
  6. Timeless Style
    Does anyone know if the john W. Nordstrom line of suits are fused or canvassed and otherwise a good buy? There isn't much on this brand in the forums but apparently there is a difference between the Nordstrom and John W. Nordstrom lines of dress shirts.
1-6 of 6 Results