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  1. Timeless Style
    Hi there! I hope this is the correct Forum and the Thread is according the Guidelines. I have actually a brand new Matchless Osborne antique Black leather jacket. Please find some photos here: All tags attached on the jacket. I'm still searching a Matchless Osborne Series 5 (Blouson) L -...
  2. Timeless Style
    I really don't know where else to turn other than perhaps a clothing forum. I really want help in identifying a Beanie. I've lost it and i really really really like this beanie. The picture is the best i can give which shows it the most well. It's got "KARMA" on the front as a patch along with...
  3. Timeless Style
    Hello, all. I have a question about pants and shorts for men (like myself) with very short inseam. After a little research and measuring I have found that I have a 21" inseam. I am a staggering 5 foot tall man with a 30" waistline. It seems like every company neglects the short people, I have...
  4. Timeless Style
    So, what is the hairstyle trend for men this 2010? :icon_smile::icon_smile:
  5. The Interchange
    Is this a class issue? What kind of jewelry should men be allowed to wear? Please vote and comment. What kind of jewelry i'm wearing? My signet ring, a watch and cufflinks. That's it. How about you good sir?
  6. Timeless Style
    Does anyone know what weight fabric I should use for the wool interlining?
  7. Timeless Style
    Andy and Anyone Who Can Offer Some Insight... I have been recently reading about the various weights and types silk fabrics used to produce neckties by companies ranging from Brooks Brothers to Hermes to Jcrew. I still have several questions. - What weight silks are generally preferred for...
  8. Timeless Style
    I'm designing an evening wear jacket that's casual, soft, yet elegant. Think a cross between a sport jacket and a smoking jacket. The material is dark lustrous silk velvet with large, brushed stainless steel caps. This is bespoke made. I'm toying with the idea of making it without canvas and...
1-8 of 8 Results