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  1. Timeless Style
    I own a pair of loafers from Comovita and now I'm considering getting a pair of Chelsea Boots from them. Does anyone own a pair? Is the suede as resistant as they claim? I'm super happy with the loafers but I want to make sure their boots are resistant enough for tough winters. Thank you!
  2. Product Review
    It's been a long time coming, but I've finally added a pair of Tricker's boots to my footwear collection. Suffice it to say, they do not disappoint. Having been an avid shoe and boot enthusiast for some three decades of my working life, one of the challenges I now face is in finding any...
  3. Product Review
    This article is a thorough review of the Rushton boot of the Edward & James Cordovan line from Pediwear. We learn a little about cordovan, provide an overview of the Edward & James line, then dive into the construction of the boot. What is Cordovan? Cordovan is named for Cordoba, the Spanish...
  4. Timeless Style
    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone could help me identify the maker of these Goodyear welted brogues? Cheers Luke.
  5. Product Review
    Jason Simmonds (Managing Director, Herring Shoes), and Chris Clark (Herring Customer Service) met me in London with two pairs of beautiful Herring Shoes. Now we know why everyone on the AskAndy Forum has great things to say about their product quality and their customer service! Plus they stayed...
  6. Timeless Style
    Can you please advice where (or at which factory) are Loro Piano shoes and boots made? Is it their own manufacture or do they outsource somewhere? I've got into an argument and need more info :amazing:
  7. Product Review
    Just received three beautiful shoes from Herring. Here is my initial review & thoughts on them all. Be sure to check out the special offers for Ask Andy fans below! Herring Shoes Review The first one is spectacular! May even make a dandy out of Andy! Herring Exford Details Tweed and...
  8. Product Review
    [time-restrict on="2018-01-01"] We're sorry. This review is no longer available. Please check out the review of Suits, search the site for other great articles, or come join us in the forums! [/time-restrict] [time-restrict off="2018-01-01"] What a great concept - you can be your...
  9. Product Review
    Are these G & G shoes the Most Beautiful EVER? Just got these incredibly beautiful shoes from Tony Gaziano & Dean Girling! They are Bates loafers, wholecut in Vintage Pine with brogueing on the toe. Remember they just announced their new revised website and online boutique: We are pleased to...
  10. Product Review
    Edward Green Newbury in Burnt Pine
  11. Timeless Style
    I'd love to hear some discussion about the lineups people have for their footwear. I'm about to pick up some new shoes for business and dressedupcasual. I really like Allen Edmonds (and am partial to US manufacturers), so am thinking of Walnut Strand Merlot McAllisters Brown Jefferson...
  12. Product Review
    Pediwear Footwear Pediwear offers English Gentlemen's Shoes from Crockett & Jones, Tricker's, Alfred Sargent, Barker, Loake, Grenson and Sanders! Online customers enjoy detailed and prompt responses to their inquires as well as to their Shoe Orders. However, Pediwear successfully competes with...
  13. Timeless Style
    Hello, This is my first thread on the forum and I'm looking for advice. For Summer weekends and vacations, I normally wear Reef flip flops or sandals (mandals as many call them) similar to: Since I'm now...
  14. Timeless Style
    Any experience with Paul Stuart footwear? I own a couple pairs of Grensons and I've heard the rumors that Grenson makes the shoes for Paul Stuart. Any verification? Also, I contacted paul stuart in regards to sizing, because they are listed in US sizes, but made in England. Concern being, I...
  15. Timeless Style
    I picked up a few old issues of Majesty magazine in a used bookstore and one of them has an article on footwear worn by the royal family. The issue is May 1987. The following quote is the portion on men's footwear. The following quote ended the article.
1-15 of 16 Results