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  1. Timeless Style
    I received this Lardini suit today, I feel like the should is a bit off. It does not look that bad from the front but it is easy to spot from the side. Is this the shoulder divot that people terrifying about? I did not have such problem with a Lardini blazer and all other suits that I own...
  2. Trad Style
    Hi all, Recently purchased this Eton dress shirt at the only half-decent store that I know of in this city and had it tailored there. I don't feel as if they did all that great of a job. Really considering returning it. Thoughts on the fit and maybe recommendations on where I can get clothes...
  3. Timeless Style
    I just got this Black Lapel suit in the mail yesterday. It's the first fitting, and I want to see what anyone else thinks. The jacket is too tight around my waist, so it has to be let out a little bit. My tailor said I should taper the pants more, from the thigh all the way down to the ankles...
  4. Timeless Style
    Is this suit jacket too short? I just received this suit in the mail, and it's shorter than I expected it to be. I generally wear a 38S, which is usually about 28.5" from the bottom of the collar, but this jacket is about 27.5". The vendor doesn't have the same jacket in 38R, so if this jacket...
  5. Timeless Style
    All how does Ravazzolo blazer/suit fit? YOOX has a few awesome deals on their sport coats but they look kinda boxy in the pictures. Let me know if you have any experience with them.
  6. Timeless Style
    Hi all, I'm new here! I'm in my mid 30s and just getting into dressing a bit smarter. It's something I don't need to do often, but I want to look nice on the occasions when I do 'dress up'. I have had my eye on a basic, versatile navy blazer for some time. I haven't actually owned a blazer...
1-6 of 6 Results