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  1. Timeless Style
    Could you all help with this, I'm having a hard time trying to establish whether this is a genuine vintage burberry shirt or not. It has a Burberry's of London tag with no logo on the outside and there is no care tab on the inside either.
  2. Timeless Style
    Hi All- I'm normally a wearer of J&M $200ish shoes and am wanting to get into something nicer. I ran across some Tricker's of England models and they look very nice. Just writing to see if anyone has experience with the...
  3. Deals, Steals, & Sales!
    Hello all, please find for your consideration a beautiful pair of Sanders & Sanders Country Brogues in a brown waxy calf leather. These are painstakingly handcrafted in England and the quality is apparent. An absolutely perfect shoe that tows the line between business and casual and looks...
  4. Timeless Style
    seems to be few and far between - but there are some out there. for those that have yet to dial-in our exact size and/or are wary of getting the wrong size/paying customs, who in the USA offers a decent selection?
  5. The Interchange
    I suppose today might be a sore point for some historically-minded patriots in the UK. However, is America's act of secession recognized in any official capacity in the UK today? That is, as a day of remembrance for Britain's war dead of that era?
  6. Timeless Style
    Over the last few months I've observed many of the male students in the English language school where I work wearing shirts labelled as 'Paul Smith'. Some with quite interesting designs often with striking and vivid colour schemes. A Google search for 'Paul Smith' shows up several websites:-...
  7. Timeless Style
    Im on the lookout for a new attaché case but all the ones ive come across are quite expensive. Ive found the names of Swaine Adeney Brigg, but they're about £2000, slightly out of my budget. There's also Papworth, but again they're about £1000. Does anyone know of anywhere in the UK I can get...
1-7 of 7 Results