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  1. Timeless Style
    All, I love this forum, that's been referencing it for quite a while, I mean interest in the past has been Allen Edmonds shoes of which I now own 7 pairs. I recently acquired a couple pairs of polo Ralph Lauren shoes. I've searched here and read a couple related threads. I was hoping you all...
  2. Timeless Style
    Hello all, so recently I found these on eBay for $60. I know that Paul Stuart made in England footwear has been supplied by Grenson and EG. But I can't tell who made these. I have never seen a Grenson size stamp with an oval but I have seen EG like that. But the size label's order seems off...
  3. Deals, Steals, & Sales!
    Hello, For those member is London I found the following notice in tonight's Evening Standard: Edward Green and Drake's London Factory Sale Fine English shoes, ties & shirts at up to 80% off 12 Needham Road, Notting Hill, W11 2RP Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 12-8pm Saturday 10-7pm Sunday...
  4. Timeless Style
    I just purchased a new pair of Ralph Lauren (Edward Green) shell cordovan oxfords that have been horrendous to break in. The salesmen recommended stretching them. Has anyone done this? What do you recommend to aid in the process?
  5. Timeless Style
    Here's part two of my Edward Green collection from RLPL. I am very dissapointed that RL does not carry the EG range as they use to. Now they are going to Italy. Does anyone know who makes RLPL now and if the quality is the same as these EGs?
  6. Timeless Style
    Hey folks, I've recently moved to the DC area and I'm in need of a cobbler that has direct experience with Edward Green or Crockett & Jones shoes - or at least shoes of that quality. Does anyone have any suggestions? Much appreciated! W
  7. Deals, Steals, & Sales!
    We would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our friends and customers for this year's (2009) Edward Green Trunk show. Edward Green represents the finest tradition in English shoe-making and we are very pleased to have two representatives in store to answer questions and offer...
  8. Timeless Style
    Hi Everyone! We are proud to announce the addition of Crockett & Jones to our inventory of fine men's shoes. As you know, Sky Valet Shoes is one of the country's most trusted suppliers of high quality shoes for men. We stock a full line of Crockett & Jones, Edward Green, Loake, Sanders, Alden...
  9. Timeless Style
    I received this notification in today's mail: Apart what's in the flyer, I don't know anything more about the event.
  10. Timeless Style
    Hi guys. I am in the process of trying to decide whether or not to order the Welland on the 888 last. The men's retailer that stock EG's in the Bay Area did not have the Welland in my size (US 10), but did have another shoe on the same last -- The Savoy. The shoe fit great at the ball of the...
  11. Timeless Style
    Fellow afficianados, need your help. I am considering purchasing a pair of EG shoes made on the 89 lasts for RLPL. Does anyone have any experience with this last and how it fits? True to size? Big? I have a narrow heel, but normally wear the same size in all makes with the exception of a few...
  12. Timeless Style
    Hi Everyone, We are very pleased to announce that we have begun a permanent rotating Daily Sale on our website. Each day we will feature a select style of high quality Men's shoes at a 15% discount. We look forward to offering you the best in our collection of Edward Green, Loake, Sanders...
  13. Timeless Style
    I have finally received my modified Hughes shoe on the MH71 last in vintage cherry. I do really like the colour which is not quite true on my monitor... it is really a browny pink. "Vintage cherry" is a good description.
  14. Timeless Style
    The first pair of good shoes that I ever bought were Alden dark brown half brogue bals (model #913, Hampton last). For a couple of years, I wore them twice a week or more, and I always thought that they were both good-looking and extremely comfortable. In time, though, I began to acquire more...
  15. Timeless Style
    Called and spoke with a very nice salesman, just guessing that there might be a sale starting on shoes at Saks soon. Indeed certain EG models will be on sale, though he did not yet have info on which models or how much the discount would be. He WAS able to confirm that the Chelsea on the 202...
  16. Timeless Style
    Gaziano & Girling Rothschild and Cannes This is the Gaziano & Girling Rothsschild in size 11.5 E (UK) in vintage pine. I was gonna go with a traditional round (GGO6 last) but on an autumn day in not so sunny London, Tony Gaziano pursuaded me to go for the TG73 last... this is a square last but...
1-17 of 18 Results