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  1. Timeless Style
    It's all been said, if you want suits go to BaronBoutique, if you want a Shirt go to Jantzen but what if you want MTM shoes that will last and cost you less than £300?
  2. Timeless Style
    Currently i found someone willing to make my shirts at £32 piece downside is there's a £12 postage fee. Another problem is that they have no idea what collar stays are and say their shirts are thick enough and don't need them... I however want to be able to use my T&A collar stays so i might...
  3. Timeless Style
    As strange as that may sound, people have been telling me that the best option would be to look for a school outfitter... I looked at Billings and Edmonds but i'm not quite certain that's a good idea. The suit should fit me quite well which none of those that i currently own does (I have a lot...
1-3 of 3 Results