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  1. Trad Style
    I picked up this 3/2 Blazer ($6)that purports to be a Brooks Brothers*. I am afraid in retrospect it is too short. The front photos I am crooked and it really seems the sleeves have creeped up my arms more than when I wear it. I wish I would have re-shot it. The rear shot is more...
  2. Timeless Style
    I recently purchased this jacket on eBay: It's listed as black, but in sunlight it's closer to charcoal with a slight olive overtone. I'm trying to figure out what color of pants would work best. Because of the olive, I'm leading towards trying brown. As always, the monitor colors are...
  3. Timeless Style
    I've never really liked this look myself, though I saw Ralph Lauren models sporting this look (with the collar popped as well) so I had an urge to try it. I'd like to hear some opinions on it.
61-63 of 64 Results