StudioSuits Review



I’ve had a long relationship with StudioSuits for suits and sport jackets.  They are of excellent construction and the fabrics are of great quality!

This is my latest of two sport jackets – Classic herringbone Tweed Jacket

The other sport jacket Reda Italian Fabric Jacket reviewed here.


This sport jacket was custom designed with 100% wool fabric, peaked lapel, hacking pockets and ticket pocket, great lining and pockets, and look at the lapel roll!

DSCN1296    DSCN1297    DSCN1298

Jacket Features:

Traditional Half Canvas Construction – where hand stitching of hair canvas to the front of the suit jacket is involved, the lapels roll naturally as they should, no bubbling on the lapels due to no fuse on that area.

Shoulder pads are made to suit different styles and different body-figures, the shoulder pad is individually cut for each customer according to their body types.

All buttons are hand-sewn to yield durability with a soft and flexible feel. Also the under collars are felt lined to provide extra roll.

Their tailors make sure that the pattern and stripe in the fabric match properly. All these features can be found only in expensive custom tailored clothes.

Double layered arm shields keep moisture and odors from being absorbed by shell fabric reducing the need for dry cleaning.

Jackets are tailored with double piped and flap lower front pockets. With this feature, jacket can be worn conservatively with the flaps outside the pockets, or stylishly with the flaps inside the pockets.

They have designed the jackets to be both functional and elegant. Jackets are tailored with extra deep and wide pockets, and also plenty of pockets on the inside. Pen and pencil pocket, passport pocket, business card pocket and/or mobile phone pocket.

These pockets can carry your things no matter wearing the jacket buttoned or unbuttoned, and the jacket still retains a clean and smooth appearance.

They tailor all single-breasted jackets with notch lapels and all double-breasted jackets with peak lapels. Jackets are fully lined.

StudioSuits, is a traditional tailoring workshop where their tailors use hand techniques to make custom clothing.

Their team of skilled masters and craftsmen are involved in the process from start to end.

In a world filled with people of all shapes, sizes and varying physical needs, the fashion industry has to recognize that not everyone is a perfect size. StudioSuits is a fashion-savvy company that recognizes the importance of non-conforming, eye-catching styles.

No matter what shape or size a person is, StudioSuits can create a custom-designed pair of trousers, sport coat, suit or other piece of clothing that will be attractive, appropriate and comfortable for the customer to wear.

StudioSuits, a leader in creating custom clothing, its Parent company has seen its products featured in publications such as Oprah’s O Magazine, Instyle, American Way, Craft, Tampa Tribune and many more.

Client satisfaction and positive ratings have earned the company great repeat business. StudioSuits continues in its quest to assist clients in designing a clothing that compliment not only their body, but their personality as well.

Customers are so captivated with StudioSuits customer service and quality of clothing that they continue to return time after time.


My first experience!

Studio Suits

There had been some mention about on the Forums about the time I found them. Their claim to fame is suits that start at $99. They are located in India where the cost of tailor labor is much less. Maybe even lower than Thailand, or China!

I ordered a dark green herringbone linen sport jacket and some tan wool trousers. They offer a swatch service in that they will send you a sample of swatches for you to look at before you order. This really takes some of the guess work out of trying to see the color, texture and fabric quality on your computer screen!

With this made-to-measure process you take your own measurements and enter them on their form. As with this kind of procedure it is really important that you take time and make sure the dimensions are accurate!

Maybe a good approach would be to order the least expensive suit and use that as a “first fitting” to change any measurement problems for future orders.

They were good about this and questioned some of my measurements. For example they thought the across-the-back measurement should be one more inch. They evidently were correct since look at the fit of the back! Much better than OTR where I always have to have the collar fixed.

I got the items quickly, in about three weeks, quicker than most online tailors.  I was impressed, and surprised, well actually shocked! The jacket’s fit is perfect. Great fabric and fun full lining.

Of course these items are fused. But I’ve mentioned before that fusing is much more high tech today. The past problems were the fault of over or poor dry cleaning. If you’re careful this will serve you well.

If you’re just beginning a new job and need a couple of serviceable suits at a very affordable price I think you’re going to be happy.

My jacket came with all the details requested, including working sleeve buttons.

The only oddity was instead of a lapel button hole was a thread boutonnière holder. Like the one you often find at the back of the lapel button hole. ?? I may just remove that thread and maybe the jacket will look more custom!

Studio Suits explanation is that most of the work is done by hand not machines. So not doing the hand work of the lapel button hole saves time/money.

The trousers fit well. They seemed a little too shiny for wool, but does wrinkle like wool. I checked and yes, it’s 55% wool and 45% polyester, as stated this on their website.

But neither garment had any tags except the Studio Suits label! No fabric description nor cleaning instructions! ?? I thought that was a requirement!

Again I checked with on this and they said they were striving for “A world without size discrimination, no labels, something especially made for you”! That’s an ambitious goal!

Over all I’m pleasantly surprised at the quality, style, and the value!

I really liked my linen sport jacket from them, and ordered a tweed herringbone sport jacket AND vestto wear with odd trousers – a British traditional look.

I got the Vintage Herringbone Blue Tweed!   You can order 1, 2 or 3 Button; even double-breasted, and then you can select any style from the product page, and scores of details to have made the jacket or suit exactly the way you want it. You can even select a waistcoat to make your suit a 3 piece.

It’s made from Pure 100% Premium Tweed Wool, and fully lined, and the sports jacket is only $85 !!! The prices from Studio Suit are unbelievably low. Great for adding some wardrobe items without a dent in the budget.

The fabric is high quality with excellent tailoring.

For some reason (I probably didn’t check that selection) the jacket didn’t have working sleeve buttons. My fault. But that’s just a reminder when you order online take time to make certain of the measurements and all the detail options.

And Studio Suits really has lots of options! You’ll be very pleased with those options, the fabrics, and the “workpersonship”!