Shipton & Heneage


Shipton & Heneage Ltd

Shipton and Heneage LTD, purveyors of fine British and European shoes, has been a supporter of this site almost from the beginning.

They have consistently offered specials for AskAndy Members in addition to their suburb customer service. I’ve gotten to know them as friends.

They offer a large selection of high quality stylish footwear for both men and women, knitwear, and accessories including shoe care products.

Their new website has been revised for better navigation and it looks great. They deserve a look!

Just acquired an outstanding deck shoe from them. It’s perfect for summertime, but since the sole isn’t white and the color is darker, it’ll be a perfect winter shoe too (remember it gets down to only 47 degrees F here at night in the deepest winter!).


This is the Sloop Sand Nubuck Deck shoe Premium full-grain sand nubuck leather, Rubber Razor-Cut Sole, Salt resistant leather, and eyelets, Hand stitched Shock absorbing heel cups.

It’s styled like a luxury slip-on loafer for maximum comfortable, but it’s built like a sturdy deck shoe.




Here is my review of other shoes from Shipton & Heneage:

I received two beautiful pairs of shoes from Shipton & Heneage !

Every time their catalogue comes in the mail I drool so much that the photos become obscured!

I got the Addington Wholecut in Chestnut Burnished Calf. Burnished beautifully! And look at the toe box of this great looking shoe!

I also ordered the Arran brown loafer. The colors of the two shoes are similar — a deep brown with some reddish elements.

Both are Entirely British made, in Northampton, and as we all know, there are some “British” made shoes that may be only assembled in the UK. Very high quality craftspersonship, and attention to detail.

Their prices are incredibly reasonable. Only $395 and $295 respectively for the pairs I ordered.

I’ve had some difficulty with the fit of British shoes, not being all that familiar with the different lasts/makers/etc. But do not hesitate to ask them about fit. They made a couple of suggestions re: the styles I was ordering and thank goodness! If I’d stuck to my “normal” size they would not have fit so well!


Check out their website, and wait there’s more…

They’re offering AskAndy Members 10% discount! Just put in Discount Code  aa112 for 10% off your order!