Richard Lim Tailor


Just received these fantastic trousers from Richard Lim.  The fabric is Lora Piano “Denim”.

I put denim in quotations since there is nothing denim about them!  Maybe the weave. ??

They are cotton with a great hand.

Here is a close up of the fabric:



And just look at the Richard Lim super tailoring details.

And of course lined to the knee!

Los Angeles’ Premier Tailor

Richard Lim is the premier custom tailor in Los Angeles and has made bespoke garments for everyone who is important in Hollywood.

He founded his tailoring business in 1968 and the word of his superior tailoring talent quickly brought him acclaim.

His philosophy of tailoring is to express respect to age-old traditions while adding a gently subversive modern updates!

I had the good fortune to be fitted for a suit.

The fabric is a beautiful Super 130s, worsted wool under the “Superior Wool Fusion” collection, exclusive to British Woolens.

Mr. Lim has a wonderful personality and lots of stories in addition to his superior tailoring skills.

No wonder he became famous so quickly!

The final result:


richard lim and andy gilchrist

A closer look at the windowpane pattern and WOW!!! lining.


The shop is fascinating for all the fabric and history of past and current customers.



Suit Fitting At Richard Lim’s Shop

I was first measured by Richard and Mr. Lim’s head cutter, Mr. Han who has been with the company for over 30 years.

Then came back for two additional fittings – the last one for a perfect suit. Choosing the fabric and the measuring.

Mr. Lim even has some very special measuring tools exclusive to him.


Click to enlarge images


First fitting.

Mr. Lim is joined by Mr. Han and Erik Lopez

L1000038   L1000036   L1000035 L1000033


They didn’t like one sleeve!

suit fitting        L1000041 L1000040


Last and perfect fitting wit Richard Lim!


HIGH SOCIETY by Richard Lim

UPDATE: Richard Lim Tailoring of High Society is changing their location.
Not far from their current location at

3000 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 110, Los Angeles, CA 90010

P. 213.383.3333 F. 213.382.7476






Another pair of Richard Lim bespoke golf pants!  And like the two pairs before this one, these are way too nice for golf, at least for my game!

These are beautiful gray linen and are fantastic!


Richard Lim Golf Pants

At my final fitting for the fabulous suit that Richard Lim made for me, we got to talking golf.

Richard said I need to make you a pair of golf trousers!

We picked a fantastic fabric, light weight (linen and silk blend) with a very subtle plaid. A perfect fabric for my climate!

And here they are.
L1000374 L1000375

If I wear these for golf I’m going to have to get better (I’ll look like I know what I’m doing!)

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