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What a great concept – you can be your own shoe designer!  The process is even fun.  There are so many different choices so you can have the exact combination of colors where you want them on your shoes. 

Look at the process here

And the price of your designed custom shoes is only $119.  Want a better deal?  For limited time use this coupon and get 30% off Coupon Code : AskAndy30 

I went though and came up with these.  I was going for a unique fashion forward look, like nothing I had in the shoe wardrobe.  I’m pleased with the fit, the quality for such a low price (you can get several).   I might have gone for a less pointy toe, but otherwise I’m happy with these.

CIMG2080 CIMG2079

They arrived quickly in a good looking box with velvet cloth shoe covers.

Why not design some for your friends!

A little hard to see in my photo, but the sole of the shoe says “Designed by Andy Gilchrist”!  I think I’m going to order another pair!