Origin Ties Review

Just got this beautiful necktie from Origin Ties!

Michael Denim Dot Skinny Tie – 100% Silk. See details

The Tie

It’s 100% Silk and you won’t guess the price!  Only $25.00.

The colors are deep and blue with the yellow/gold pin dot is an outstanding style!

Plus the neckties come in a box that would be a perfect gift box!


In the spring of 2016, Darren — the founder of Origin Ties, decided to quit his job as an IT engineer to start his own business.  He became motivated to present luxury quality neckties at an affordable price.

The Origin team is now diversified and consists of an IT engineer, luxury brand manager, fashion designer, advertising visual designer.

They are driven to find luxury brands by searching for their manufacturers all around the world, and by a shared enthusiasm for bringing luxury-quality and wallet-friendly products to every customer.

By cooperating with the best factories, choosing the finest materials, using terrific designs, they are committed to bring you the best ties with the most value for money.

Lucky for us their focus is on both quality and value.

In a traditional shop, a luxury tie is usually marked up 4x by the time it reaches the customer. There are several extra costs in traditional retailers, such as store rental, labor costs, transport costs, etc.

Origin Ties cut off any possible extra costs and invest more funds to buy top quality materials to make sure they can give the best quality to you.

From their 100% silk ties to their 100% cotton shirts, all of Origin products are made at honest factories, from finest fabrics, and sold without traditional markups.

The website is really easy to navigate and just look at the huge selection you can search by filtering just the neckties you want to consider!

Denim Shop
Thinking in Blue
Match with Blazer
2.5″ Skinny Ties
2″ Skinny Ties
3″ Gentleman Ties
Extra Long Ties [62”]
Winter Season
Wedding Days
Work Event
Dating Time
Night Out
Polka Dot

Repricing Rule & Honest Price

This is the most unique feature I’ve ever seen offered!

Shopping online seems risky sometimes since you’re buying a product without seeing/touching it in person.  And returns can be a hassle.

Every customer who shops on their website has the right to reprice after receiving their order.  If they think paying too much (not a quality issue), they can request a discount. They just need to login their account and request money back.

Now that’s confidence that Origin can provide the best quality with a friendly price to you!

Here’s how it works:  originties.com/how-it-works

But, with Origin Tie’s high quality and already low prices I don’t think you’ll want (or need) to take advantage of their Repricing program!

In addition to their great selection of quality neckties (long and bow) they also have shirts, socks, tie bars, shoes, bags, scarves, gloves and hats!

All waiting for you at originties.com

Here’s a Special Offer from Origin Ties just for AskAndy Members! :

15% OFF for All the Ties and Tie Bars with Free Shipping (No minimum purchase required)
Coupon Code: DHA105
Limited to one use per customer.

Andy Gilchrist

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