Massdrop is offering some fantastic, high quality belts. You’ll be impressed. They are made by the British Belt Company, which has been making belts by hand since 1946.

At only $49.99 with free shipping to anywhere within the United States these high quality belts are a huge value!

Length — 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, or 42 inches.

Colors  — Black, Walnut (light brown), and/or Brown (darker brown)

Solid Brass buckle – attached by hand, stitched (not glued) into the belt. The buckles are solid brass in a silver/grey metal finish, and are made in Italy

The belts are finely stitched. Dense stitching is more dependable than loose stitching but it requires more time on the machine per belt so most manufacturers add a couple mm to every stitch.

Highest Quality Leather and Processing.

The British Belt Company hand inspects all the leather hides before they can be even be considered for use. Many hides are rejected, only the best quality European hides are chosen.

The British Belt Company employs leather smiths & saddle smiths that have worked for us for generations.

The belts are comprised of three layers of leather. Only the best calf hides are chosen because Calf leather is more supple & more resistant.

French Calfskin is considered by many to be the most desirable type of European cow leather, and is big part of the reason why several high end leather goods brands originated in France.

European hides are chosen because in Europe, they do not use barbed wire fencing which scratches/marks the leather.

The outer layer is French calfskin, the Central layer is a piece of full grain leather shaped on either side to a curve thus creating the beveled slope on the top of the belt, and the inner layer is soft Nubuck, a suede made from very low fiber leather.

This Nubuck is made from the same French calfskin as the rest of the belt.

The hides are tanned and prepared for treatment at the tannery, then they’re passed to BBC who does all the dying, finishing, and burnishing by hand. BBC has various levels of finishing and burnishing, this belt applies all of their highest quality level processes.

Burnished leather

Burnishing is polishing the leather by hand, using a wool wheel which heats up to buff the leather and achieve an antique effect of the leather which creates a contrasting, rubbed-off appearance with variation of shade.

Burnishing is a pretty time consuming technique, only a skilled leather smith knows how to hand burnish one belt at a time. But the effects are well worth it.

The result of these material choices and process decisions is a belt that will last you around 20 years rather than the 2 you can expect from other belts at this price point.