Equus Leather

I’m always saying that I could use a good stiff belt! But when I saw this one:

Equus Leather   …from www.equusleather.co.uk I couldn’t resist. Of course it’s not stiff, but a beautiful hand crafted supple bridle leather.  (Sedgwick first selection)!

The solid brass buckle in the design of an English stirrup is fantastic. It’s cast in Walsall in the heart of the UK. Not sure the photo does it justice.

I got the London Tan and the belt is 1 1/4″ wide. The finish and the edge dressing is exceptional. Each belt is made to measure And since I’ve been losing weight lately (walking everyday and drinking only cheap gin) I was a little worried to order such a handsome belt, but it’s unique in that there are 7 backslots or holes (giving you 6 inches of adjustment). I ordered the one to fit my new size, but I won’t worry too much if I lose another 50 pounds.
No chance of that; the gin isn’t that cheap!

These really are nice handmade leather belts and the site features more than just fantastic belts! Everything from dog collars, leather bags, and antique leather luggage, to leather care products.

Equus Leather is offering AskAndy Members a generous 10% discount for items purchased before March 31, 2011. The coupon code for the checkout is AskAndy10%

Equus Leather is run by Charlie Trevor and Dawn McCormack from the heart of rural Northumberland in the UK. Charlie manages the leatherwork and creative side of the business and Dawn ably deals with the photography, administration and all things that make the business tick. Charlie has been producing leather and bridlework since 1995.

Please contact them to design your own belt with different available buckles and leather colors.

Charlie’s philosophy is

“I grew up using the leather suitcase that my Grandmother travelled around the world with and my Father to this day uses his Grandfather’s cartridge belt. We aspire to produce leatherwork that has the same quality and longevity and am proud to produce goods that don’t fit with the current ethos of poor quality, low price and disposability of all things.

We want to make products that fit with the values of a now past generation of craftsmen, where over engineering and pride in product were the prime consideration and profit was a natural result of producing a top quality product. ”


Just got two more Equus high quality belts.

One is the Cheviot  London Tan with Navy Webbing and a Nickel West End buckle  1 1/8 inch


This is Sedgwick bridle leather like the rest of the bridle leather belt line. The webbing is high quality heavy Cotton that is used in the Sadlery trade, thus the “Surcingle” name.  I got the solid navy webbing and have worn it to play golf already!

And the London Dee in London Tan.  1 1/4 inch  I really like this solid brass buckle – it’s curved (horse shoe reminiscent) and looks great!

London Dee LT

These, again, are the finest, highest quality belts you can own.  But I would be remiss to try to outdo the review that Shaver recently posted in the Forum so I’m just repeating it here:

Equus Cheviot Belt Review by Shaver


This review could be contained to merely this few words: the belt is perfect.Cheviot

However, allow me to elaborate. The belt illustrated above is the one I selected from the variety of choice available in the options Equus offer with their surcingles. The leather component, a shade named Oxford Tan, is bridle leather; smooth, flexible and strong. It looks wonderful (especially when compared to the other inferior leathers sourced for belts available elsewhere) and its appearance will improve with age. The quality wears in not out. I have a credit card holder in bridle leather and each nick, scratch and wrinkle simply deepens the beauty of the item and I am looking forward to a similar patina developing on this belt.

The webbing has a rugged texture yet feels soft to the touch. It is hefty and strong and will doubtless last me out the rest of my days. I chose the shade of Special Khaki as I believe that it is the best compliment to the various colours of chinos that I wear.

I requested a solid nickel buckle (1 ¼ inch West End style) which is truly a magnificent object to behold, a solid piece of perfectly finished metal with a sublime lustre quite unlike any other silvery metal. The weight of this sand cast buckle is highly pleasing in its density.

The construction generally is a delight to examine. The uneven hand stitching, the solid looking joins, the sturdy seams, all speak of the craftsmanship expended in the creation of this belt.

The bespoke choices are one of the fine attributes of Equus products – most especially in being able to choose the exact size that you require. I can order a 33″ belt from Equus – no more suffering 30/32 and 34/36 belts trying, unsuccessfully, to find a happy medium. But further the range of colours of leather, of size of buckle, style of buckle and the metal from which it is made, plus many other individualised tweaks that this remarkably co-operative manufacturer are willing to undertake, add to the distinct pleasure of purchasing from them.

The belt whispers its high quality in a subtle manner befitting a stylish item of such refined taste.

The customer service was excellent – not only did Charlie respond frequently on the original thread (see link below) but one of the team very courteously kept me updated personally via email several times during the six or so weeks between order and delivery.

The cost was a mere £38.88 delivered. This strikes me as incredibly good value for a bespoke handmade in England belt of such sumptuous quality. In comparison – a Hugo Boss belt costs nearly twice that much to obtain a mass produced piece of tat.

Don’t forget that Equus are one of Andy’s preferred suppliers with a generous 10% discount available to members. Please click on the Equus banner located on the page linked below and support the AAAC site: http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/selected-merchants/shoes-belts

If you need a new belt, ideas for a gift, or simply wish to treat yourself, then allow me to assure you I have never encountered a finer belt than this. So impressed am I with Equus that I have already placed an order for the oak brown Bakers bridle leather belt.