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Emerson Bespoke
Custom Garments

Just received this incredibly beautiful sports jacket from Emerson Bespoke.  Classic herringbone with some pizzazz features!  Dugsdale Bros. from Huddlefield Cloth.


Of course peak lapels, double vents, working sleeve buttons, two button.

The fit is great!



But oh the details!

A fabulous “Apparel Arts” lining.


Working sleeve buttons with the first button hole accentuated with cranberry colored stitching.


Subtle Sand colored suede for elbow patches & pocket jetting.



And the inside belt to keep the vents properly closed!


Great jacket and fantastic details.

From the Emerson Bespoke website:


As the prolific author Tom Wolfe wrote in The Secret Vice, “There are two classes of men in the world, men with blazers whose buttons are just sewn onto the sleeve as cheap decoration and men who can unbutton the sleeve at the wrist

because they have real buttonholes and the sleeve really buttons up”

At Emerson Bespoke, we serve the latter. Utilizing your personal taste and style, we create garments and assist in building a wardrobe that will compliment you and your lifestyle.

Each garment we create combines ageless style with superb materials hand tailored to your specific measurements and preferences.

We take the guess work out of what your final product will like. Using DIM (the world’s first interactive proprietary software tool) we create realistic garment images so that you can visualize your garments, allowing you to order with confidence and save time!

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